What to consider when getting door handles

A functional and necessary addition to your property, doors act as room dividers and access point between rooms. Most homes have many interior and exterior doors that require the right hardware. For example, a typical modern home may have up to 18 interior doors, while traditional or older buildings may contain more.

No door is complete without the right door hardware, and your choice of hardware can add a subtle but essential finish. In addition, door hardware helps your interior design blend seamlessly from room to room.
The increasing popularity of interior design has expanded the range of door handle styles and designs available. on the market. With options ranging from modern and contemporary to traditional vintage-inspired styles, there are many door handles to suit any interior design need.


You probably want to incorporate a consistent style throughout your home, just like any other interior design task. You can achieve this by opting for the same door design throughout your home. As such, perhaps the first step in selecting the ideal door hardware is to assess the property and its overall theme, decide where to install your new hardware and whether you want to go for a more modern or traditional design.
There are crucial factors to consider when choosing new door hardware, starting with whether you want door handles or knobs, what type of hardware will suit your door, what hardware style you choose and which rooms you want to use them in Install it in.


We know that deciding on new interior door handles can be difficult can be, so start by evaluating the overall style of your home.
If your home is traditional or perhaps a historic building, choosing innovative angled handles will sound unusual and look out of place. In the same way, opting for a classic, antique handle for your doors will disrupt the seamless, modern interior of your home.


Perhaps the most important decision is whether to go with doorknobs or knobs. Many
styles are available for both, ranging from classic and traditional styles to bolder, more modern designs.


The most timeless choice, door knobs were one of the earliest inventions of door hardware and remain a popular choice for historical real estate. Ideal for a more understated look, doorknobs don't have to be limited to historical features or classic designs; They can look fantastic in modern designed spaces.


A more modern option are door handles used since the early 19th century. Century. With the extra lever on the
, door handles are often easier to operate - the lever provides a better grip, ideal for everyone, especially those with limited mobility.
Similar to door handles are door handles available in many styles, different colours and finishes, offering the perfect choice whatever your decorating preferences.

When considering your interior design style, we can often overlook door handles or knobs. However, by carefully selecting your door hardware, you can enhance your interiors while adding essential functionality and security to your home.

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