Entrance Pull Handles

Welcome to Just Handle It where you can find all handle solutions including entrance pull handles. A pull handle is a type of handle that, as the name suggests, supports a pull motion. You can grab a pull handle with one or both hands and then pull it. Pulling a handle moves the object or work piece to which it is attached.

A typical example is a drawer handle. Cabinets often come with a handle for each of their respective drawers. You can open a drawer by grabbing the handle and pulling. By pushing the drawer, it closes naturally.

The pull handles

can withstand both vertical and horizontal pulling forces. Horizontal pull occurs when you pull the horizontally mounted workpiece or object towards your body, while vertical pull occurs when you pull the vertically mounted workpiece or object towards your body.
Features of the
pull handle
pulls are available with a variety of features. For example, some of them are cargo-rated. Heavy-duty pull handles are specifically designed to carry minimal weight, making them ideal for material handling applications. There are also antimicrobial shooters. Antimicrobial grips are designed to neutralize or slow down the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould.
grips can support different installation methods. Some of them contain "through holes", for example for screws or bolts. To install them, you must drive a fastener into these holes, as well as into the underlying object or workpiece. Other handles need to be welded for installation. Known as weld-in grips, they are heat installed in place of fasteners.

Pull vs Twist Grips: What's the Difference?
There are also twist grips. Rotate handles work differently than drag handles. A twist grip consists of a lever that rotates along an axis. Instead of using traditional doorknobs, many modern homes and buildings are now being built with doors that have turning handles. The doors have a lever that opens when pushed down. Twist grips are not suitable for pulling. Rather, they only respond to a push-down action.

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